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New user story

Users don’t have enough resources to run their model.

The servers are old and outdated. As the company is scaling, more and more people are fighting for the same resources. User notices the hype around cloud. Sees that all their competitors are moving towards cloud.

So, they take an initiative to transition all their executions to cloud. But they are bombarded with so many options and configurations and their initial analysis of cost shoots up. 

This is where HPCMinds can help – the user does not need to spend any more time for analysis and setup. They can just use our platform for each execution and get individual execution cost beforehand.

Daniel M.

Existing user story
looking for cost optimization

Users already have account with AWS or OCI. 

But, with the monthly billing scheme, they are always surprised at the end of the month with an exorbitant bill.

So, the users are looking for ways to optimize cost. Because of our in-house dataset, we can estimate the cost of execution beforehand and provide a range of options for the users to choose from.

The users finally get the consistency between the estimated cost on the platform and the final bill.

Melanie Z.

Expert user story
reducing cost in the long run

Expert users have been running all their executions on cloud for a while.

And they have a fair idea of what their cloud costs will be.

How can we help here?

Our AI-driven optimizer will learn pattern in the executions submitted by the user. The optimizer can slowly help the user move towards a better parallelization by saving cost and reducing their CO2 footprint.

Mathieu K.

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