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Disaster Risk Reduction

The importance of Access to early warning systems and disaster risk information and assessments

Every year the world is facing the threat of natural disasters such as floods and wildfires, that affect millions of people around the globe. Last summer alone, close to 365,000 acres of land were burned across the Mediterranean region, causing catastrophic loss of life and property. For countries to develop a better approach to wildfire prevention, it is crucial to be able to utilize the firefighting resources efficiently, and this requires being able to predict how a fire will develop.
     Since the rise of the information age, scientists have been able to gradually develop better methods to simulate physical phenomena. A group of such methods is Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations.
     These simulations, which use an intensive approach, can accurately simulate fluid flows, and have found countless uses in industries such as aerospace and automotive. Another key application of CFD simulations is in weather forecasting. CFD models enable experts to model complex wind patterns in the atmosphere, which provide us with the weather reports we see on the news every day.
     However, when a weather report is needed is to predict the direction of a wildfire, minimizing execution time of the simulation is of extreme importance. This is where HPCMinds comes in. Our platform enables responders to harness the analytical power of the cloud as if it were a single supercomputer. The platform’s efficiency enables responders to get the results within minutes, rather than hours. Armed with this information, a better prevention plan can be drawn up, reducing the threat of the wildfires.
    Picture the following scenario: A wildfire is taking place in a forest near an inhabited area. The HPCMinds platform, can foresee dozens of different possible alternatives, through the simulation program of the product. This enables it to predict how the fire will develop, as well as which regions are in danger, hours before any real threat has been posed. This allows hundreds of acres of land to be saved, as well as the lives of many. This is the reality that we are working towards!

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